Insanity Workouts

My trainer (Michelle) has recently started my fitness boot camp on something called “Insanity Workouts.” It starts with a fitness test on the first day, then exercise days for the next 3 weeks, then another fitness test to see how you have progressed, and so on. It lasts for 9 weeks. The exercise days are a combination of many different exercises like usual. However it also has an extra challenge in it. We get about 30 seconds of recovery in between. I think it will definitely, make us all stronger. If nothing else, we will get more exercising in.

In addition to this, we have also started writing down weekly goals. Today we were asked if we actually achieved last weeks goal. I like that. It easier to stick with a goal if something is actually holding you accountable. I’m going to start publishing my goals here.

She has also started helping us with food and nutrition. We send her our daily meals and she will make suggestions. She has also given us a sample food plan. Unfortunately, I’m not one for following a strict food plan. I believe more in the 344 pounds philosophy. However, I also believe in the rule “BURN EVERY BUSH, BOMB EVERY WALL.” So, of course, I’ll try it for 9 weeks.

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