May 2010 Results

I started the month at 183.0 and ended the month at 182.6.

Exercise 3 times a week.
As usual no problem. I averaged 4 times a week.

Count calories 4 times a week.
Once again, this is a big issue. However I’m getting better. I went from 3 times total the previous month to an average of 2 times a week.

Walk 5000 steps per day 4 times a week.
My average on this is 5 times a week.

Train 3 times a week. (One Hundred Push Ups)
I did no training at all. I think I need to take a long hard look at why I keep failing at this month after month.

Test once a week. (One Hundred Push Ups)
I actually hit this goal last month. My average was once a week.

Last month I hit 3 our of 5 goals and I’m on my way to hitting the 4th this month. I’m still going to the World Gym on Saturdays for a TRX workout. So it was a good month.

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